My Fathers And I

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My fathers and I I remember when the grass became a patriot on the sod and how growth was a midget in conflict. I remember when men couldn't feed and how wooden huts became a choice. I remember how the territory of slaves was carved from pain. I remember when my forefathers agreed to change the world. And how fate turned their hearts against each other. I remember when young girls were kidnapped, raped, and coerced for pleasure. And how it felt to have a sister.

I remember the African pain and the irony of self will.

I remember when our patrimony was ceased by libidos who flirt with power. And how men became militants of peace I remember education -- How it came to us with a solemn news. And how Africans decided to learn I remember my father, my mother and my sister. And how we fought in the civil war -- with a lance for my sister and a machete for my father I remember the crisis that made us eve.n And how pacifists were killed with advocates devoid of justice. And notions fastened beneath the ground I remember when we fed on the figments of a prolific imagination. And how hunger became a muse. And mosquitos the chancellor of our streets I remember when AIDS took the lives of the innocent, naive and educated. I remember how hospitals were thronged with toddlers without care. I remember the cemetery; the wooden, the clayed and the designed caskets and how we gathered to pray, while the sky blessed us with her tears.

I remember the nation that came before us. The nation that formed those that created us And the Asian, the American, the European and the Latin that stood before us. And the mastodon and the dinosaurs that once trotted on our planet floor. I remember it. And how it started, from nothing to a new definition.
I remember us entangled in foolishness. And how we survived in unity I remember when black and white folks became equals. And when we held hands to pray for each other. And how we ceased to study war. I remember our family and the entire nation and how the Hispanics, the Yoruba, the Caucasians, the Jews, the Afrikaans, the Ashantis, the Christians and Moslems became a united nation.

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