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Sometimes I sit and wonder if there will ever be a better tomorrow because the events that unfold each passing day are really scaring and alarming. Imagine we no longer have real and natural ladies and women are all fake; fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake love and fake marriages. God please help this generation because we are definitely getting off hand.

Do you really think all is well when juxtaposed with fact that we strive each day to make it, yet some persons make it by living in falsehood? We hustle and struggle each day to earn a living and yet some sit behind a computer somewhere making cash without sweating(419). We fight with bus drivers “Agbero’s” and bus conductors just because we want to collect our #10 (ten Naira) balance but yet a so called uneducated SINator / Senator, counselors or Government officials, are somewhere siphoning money that was collected from the people’s sweat through taxes and excessive payments for tickets which are not been accounted for.

Sometimes I keep wondering why these people are being maltreated and manhandling the poor all in the quest to make names and enrich them-selves? Why?

Imagine the Minister of FCT, senator Bala Mohammed, jailing street traders just because they are trying to make a living for themselves in a country where the government and the so-called elected representatives of the people in the National assembly are not willing to speak up and fight for the welfare of their electorates. It is so sad!

The state of our nation is really in shamble. From all indication Nigeria is facing terrible times and the government is not actually doing anything to remedy the situation which is so bad.

In the history of Nigeria, this dispensation of leaders are the most corrupt in all their dealings; they siphon public funds, spend money on international vacations and trips with their family, girlfriends and concubines, all at the expense of government funds. They have types of allowances travelling allowance, sitting allowance, kitchen allowance, cooking allowance “haba e no get wetin we no get allowance for Nigeria”.

A nation whose laws provides criminal penalties for official corruptions, yet government has done little or nothing to salvage this situation or implement these laws effectively. In May 2013, a report was submitted to the United State Congress by the Secretary of State entitled “Country Reports on human rights practices for 2012.” In this document the scathing report estimated that Nigeria lost about #1.067 trillion ($6.8 billion) to what is called endemic corruption and entrenched inefficiency. But it’s so funny to note that this report was described as “skewed overblown and unrealistic” by President Goodluck Jonathan. He said that his administration was out to fight against corrupt practices in the nation, insisting that all relevant laws are in place to fight corruption, but come to think of it in the real sense of it corruption in Nigeria has gone a notch higher in recent years. I think it is hydra-headed!

Corruption in Nigeria is no longer an issue with politicians or government officials alone it has permeated ministries, departments, and agencies and this is a serious cause for worry.

In recent news report in July 2013 Nigerians in Diaspora started denying and regretting being Nigerian citizens why? Because most of them are ashamed to associate themselves with a nation whose systems are failing by the day due to corrupt practices and unimaginable laws like the passing of child marriage into law which holds the fact that any girl child given out for marriage is automatically a woman, condemning all other important issues yearning to be tended to.

Defining the Nigerian Nation

A nation where gas flaring has been declared illegal but it is still flaring gas till date. A nation which has about 77 well head but yet only one is accounted for by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR)(2). A nation which is gradually selling its future to multinational corporations for peanuts, a nation where the masses work like elephant and yet feed like ants, while some are permanently classified as destitute ready for eviction. I think it is a nation where Boko Haram are set to killing and maiming people in the north and yet the governments comes up on news daily to say all is well and we are handling the situation. It is a Utopian world, only if the government can do anything. To me, Nigeria: is a nation where the lands are grabbed and used for plantain and banana plantation; a nation whose leaders fight and kill themselves with maces in State and National Assemblies; a nation where oil spills are polluting our environment and destroying our natural ecosystem, and yet nothing is done to savor the situation even after two years of the UNEP Ogoni Report. No implementation in sight. A nation where lecturers strike and academic stand-still has become a normal routine. A nation where armored luxury cars are bought with millions and yet citizens suffer in penury with nothing being done to remediate this situations.

It’s so sad to see that labour of our hero’s past is becoming vain.

A poser for the youth –which tomorrow do we have? Then if none, where will the leaders lead?

We wait with bated breath to see what becomes of our nation tomorrow and concomitant youth as leaders.

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