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Hello everybody and greetings from Ghana.
Long time. It's been years of my absence from this vibrant community of young change-makers to make our world a better place. Voices of Youth is my home and I am so excited to be back, this time for good to add my voice and action to unite the world for realistic positive change.
While I was away, I have been involved in some projects which I want share with you all a couple. These projects are centered around education in Ghana targeting children in deprived rural communities. I am leading a campaign to encourage education and literacy in Ghana by gathering materials such as children reading books, writing tools, exercise books, etc. As many I can get to distribute to children who are in school and those not privileged to have the opportunity to be in school for some reason as my way of encouraging children to go to school, enjoy it and finish for their proper development.
My other project has to do with developing mobile and a web computer application that has online resources where students in high schools can keep up to date with classroom learning of courses offered at various high schools in Ghana and giving opportunity also to those high school drop outs and/or students who could not make the cut into any of the high schools in the country as high school entry in Ghana is very competitive.
These two projects are seeking to bridge the gap between two classes of people in society who learn the same or similar subjects in school but there is a wide literacy interval. And also giving opportunity to those not in school to get on board and educate as this world is getting more competitive every day. I want us, young change-makers of the world to discuss this post and gladly support these worthy cause by any means possible particularly the distribution of education materials to deprived children in rural Ghana and Africa who yearn for quality education just their counterparts in big cities around the world.
Photo by Ian Muttoo. Ghana 2012. Creative Commons.

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