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"The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it and do nothing" - Albert Einstein

Every morning I wake up with loads of questions in my mind, which has, many times, led my teachers to remark that an eternity would not suffice to answer all my question. But this is not about me…it is about those questions.

The question that has struck me the most is WHY?

Why am I getting to sleep in a perfect mattress whereas right now there are children across the globe who are suffering from traumatic experiences leading to insomnia?

Why are we taking every day for granted when people on the other side are just struggling to make it to another day?

Why do we have dislike for particular food when children in Africa are not even getting a drop of water to survive?

We all have demons, you and me, but why are we sitting crying over small reasons when children in Syria are too traumatized to shed a tear, let alone to cry?

When will we all stop preaching and start doing something to make a difference? Life is about ups-and-downs, and whereas we have our friends, teachers, and parents to pick us up again who is going to pick up those children up who have fallen into a deep abyss of war?

If not here where? If not now when? If not this then what?

We all say a lot but when are we going to ACT?

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