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I wasn’t really sure why I got into Pharmacy when I did; I was fond of the idea of travelling around maybe. I wasn’t really the kind of person who knew where things were going, I just went with the flow, I liked that idea, I did it with practically everything in my life, going with the flow, ha. With my studies, relationships .. my entire existence. Maybe it became a good thing since it now gave me the habit of knowing that the right thing will come on its own, carrying with it its good days and down days filled with anxiety – depression – to indifference, but reaching a happy ending in the right doses of serotonin and dopamine, with lessons learnt and goals achieved. Maybe it gave me hope about healing, in knowing diseases, and mechanisms of the body to heal and destroy what doesn’t fit, even if it obliged itself on you. of types and prototypes of unordinary genes that shouldn’t stand a chance, but made it stronger through the finish line. Of how even a small leftover of bad thoughts and people in your life have to be vanished by finishing the whole dose of antibiotics, detergents, and a fresh breeze of air. How misconceptions of healing yourself through alcohol, drugs or cigarettes may lead to resistance and an even worse result, if only you had read yourself and known that all you needed is a good night sleep and a warm drink. It has taught me about healing, and how no matter what we get into and face in our lives, there are always ways to treat it, if only we analyze it and choose the right prescription.

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