Namaste! #UNSLCD Kicks Off Here!

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Wonderful opening statements from our 5 participating countries. UN Student Leadership Conference on Development kicked off this morning at the UN in New York in a videoconference.

Student leaders of the conference, Andres from Colegio Carol Baur of Mexico and Kelly from USA gave their opening remarks for the conference before the videoconferencing sites were introduced. A resounding Namaste was heard from Chennai India who “expressed profound gratitude for being able to participate in the conference.” Participants exclaimed what they had been doing to prepare, and if you have read many of their comments and participated in our many discussions, they have been “researching, going out into the community, thinking, enjoying challenges, putting together action plans, living through difficult and tragic events.” We were connecting through a videoconference, but participants said “the strong connection with you is strong in the conference.” Participants from Mexico's Colegio Carol Baur are here in New York and joining us live in the videoconference. Their voices are not only heard here, but participants said “we all have to work hard because as young people, we must be aware of our responsibilities.” Our participants from Canada reminded us that although there are human rights, not all of us have them, but “we believe they are universal.” The Philippines has some problems with connectivity, but they are communicating with us through email and continually sharing their ideas on the themes tagged below. Looking to our Twitter, one participant tweeted her final preparations for her documents saying she is honoured to be speaking today.

One of the themes of today is Global Citizenry in a multicultural world. Although we may be miles apart, I believe we have something to contribute to discussions. We have different ideas, may be experiencing different events in our communities and countries, but that's what makes living in this multicultural world exciting and diverse.

I can't wait to see what happens after the break. Students are working hard to bring their ideas from VOY Connect and what they have worked on in/and outside the classroom into the Google Document and final presentation. Special thanks to YOU, our VOY community members, for the ideas and discussions inputs. We invite you to keep them coming, and if you have any questions about the conference, post it here. I'm happy to answer them!

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