Negative Effects of Cybersex on Children


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We commonly use the internet for accessing information. Right information is the targeted thing when we use the internet. Most of us don’t use it to encounter sexual activities. These activities are well known as cybersex. It is in the form virtual date involving more than one by webcam and microphone as well as chatting. It involves sexual activities between one and more than one via online or the internet.
Parents educate their children and nurture their behaviors in how they interact with different genders. It means there is a tight restriction to immature people, notably children, to speak out deeply about the contact of sexuality. Cybersex has encouraged children to behave beyond the right ways. Children use the internet to look for friends which includes different genders so that the close relation among them will be well linked. Before being mature people and sexual education is given to them, children have begin falling in love with a different gender and they understand the sexual contact. The will continuously message their partners to date online or offline, so it will encourage online sexual addiction. On the other hand, when children feel as though they are falling in love, it will change their behavior and mindset. For instance, because of cybersex, some Indonesian children have accessed pornographic films and in the long term it will bring about sexual crime such as rape. According to the research of Susan A. Milstein, cybersex is cheating and it can have a negative effect on a relationship. It means that the fidelity of someone could be measured by cybersex activities. Here, we emphasize that as their parents (mother or father) commit to destroy the good relationship with the partner due to cybersex, it will influence their children. Their children will be unbalancing conditions and trauma.

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