Never Forgetting Thee

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(Dedicated to the victims of the APS Peshawar school massacre 2014)


Can never bend our vows,

If in battle,

It’s the pen we preach.

Red spilled ink,

Never flows,

Without leaving a glow,

A mark,

Which lasts for eternity.

And so when I walk,

In midst of the December snow,

The red petals,

Bloom with your souls.

I see it engraved in the universe,

How some of us,

Can never stop,

But learn and teach.

The musk,

The thirst,

To quench,

Some more.

From cradle,

To grave,

Seek the pen,

My folks.

But for a level up,

Some of us,

Go beyond being stopped.

You can make us vanish,

But our promise,

Remains immortal.

We will grow and bloom,

Until the fragrance of our unity,

Makes you vanish,

With your arrow-heads

For its education roots,

Which anchor deeper,

Than any stabbing wounds.

For them,

Let’s write,

Spill ink and succeed,

To flow educated streams,

Washing over backward schemes.

The promise of a pencil,

Being stronger than a gun.

Let our education,

Beat every bullet,

They threw.

Let us be the children,

With the power,

Of their souls.

Don’t stop the determination,

But make education bullet-proof.

Let our knowledge,

Be the power,

To extinguish,

This fear.

We stand at this hour,

Never forgetting thee.

Ask the angels there,

In the heavens.

To spread their wings,

Every-time we march out,

With our pencils,

In our hands.

Let’s inscribe it,

To the world,

That not terrorism,


The educated stand.

16 December 2016.

Unitika Schlawenger

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