Newest Goodwill UNICEF Ambassador Katy Perry and her ROAR!

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Global pop-star Katy Perry was appointed to be the new Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF and her main role is to advocate for young people and to raise awareness to help make their lives better. Participating in the event was one of the best opportunities I've ever had. I got to know UNICEF’s aim for young people and how caring and strong-hearted Katy Perry is. My favorite part of the event was taking pictures with Katy at the very end. The feeling I got while taking pictures was not only because she’s my favorite singer, but mostly it was because now she’s going to work for us, the young people of the world. She’s going to use her fame and take time from her busy life just to make the lives of children around the world better! I really liked it when she said she has a huge number of fan on Twitter and Facebook and that she’s planning to use it as an advantage on her journey of working for us. It was really a great pleasure to get to know my favorite singer’s one good, hidden side.

Katy Perry is already a role model to many young people. Katy earned that by herself with all her great songs. But now, by working with UNICEF, she is also focusing on making the lives better for others in a different way, especially on children and adolescents who are in problematic situations. That of course will make her go deeper into the young people’s hearts, our hearts! And so her words will have a great impact on us, encouraging us to also “be the change we wish to see in the world”.

Lastly I would like to say that working for the welfare of others is not an easy task. And it’s even more difficult for the international stars. There will be thousands of people following them and one mistake will take down their reputation in their followers’ hearts. Despite all of that, the global star Katy Perry chose to work with UNICEF. Her massive followers will be inspired by her decision and I believe they’ll also help her too! I was so amazed and pleased to see her devotion to the role she put herself in. I have nothing more to say but “Katy, you’re the best!”. And I believe just like her songs, she’ll be remarkable in this new duty too.

Keep roaring Katy!

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