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Water. About 71 percent of the Earth is covered by it. We use it for industrial projects, for drinking, cooking, sanitation, and many other uses. One cannot deny that water is just one of God's biggest blessings. But, what happens when you don't have access to a single drop of water?

The UN General Assembly resolved in 2010 that sanitation and accessible, affordable, clean drinking water represent a human right. Accessible, but not free.

It is a duty of every citizen to pay their water bill. Before you can blame anyone for the lack of access of water, you should reconsider the fact if you pay your water bill.
People’s overdue water bills are being transferred to their property taxes, and people are losing their homes as a result. This is a recent situation in Detroit, Canada. However, Is it a human-rights violation to cut off water for residents who are delinquent on utility payments when an entire city is struggling to get caught up?

Indeed, it isn't. Isn't not paying the water bill a violation also? The Council of Canadians have reported to the United Nations to take action against the fact they have no access to a single drop of water

However, someone has to pay for the accessible water. The water authorities in the city will return your access to water as soon as you pay your bill.

I think that the authorities have the right to cut of water supplies as a result of no bill payments. You don't get a single drop of water for free, because one day surely, your violation can cause a global water crisis. What do you think?

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