Obesity the global epidemic


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The emergence of the technological era has resulted in a shift towards a sedentary lifestyle. More and more people are getting overweight due to this. People are taking more calories and using them less, millions of years of evolution has refined our bodies store extra calorie into fat, in a sudden change of lifestyle this primitive function of ours became what was once important for survival to a life-threatening disease now.

Everywhere we go, there's always a restaurant, fast food chain, hotdog, burger stand. At any hour food are available to us, the sources of food now are saturated, our brains can never tell whether we had enough food just to live, so we kept eating as long as we can, we snack after meals, stacking all the calories up, turning them into fat. Years to come, all of us will be super-sized, if do not make a change, then someday obesity will kill more than any other diseases.

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