On Peace and Gardens

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Looking for that misused, misunderstood word in the dictionary I felt like I was looking for a new way to conceive our modern world. The signification on the Oxford dictionary for the word peace sounds like obvious perhaps: Peace: A state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.

No wars, tranquility, happiness, prosperity, employment, education, culture, all these words came to my mind as a definition of peace.

Today, living in a world that seems unable to make peace we’d add other words to all these others: utopia, dream.

Well my fellow world citizens I’m sorry but I can’t agree with you: peace is not a dream, even though it’s not a reality either. It’s something in between, something that resides in the space of possibility, the space where actions were born and projects are made.

In the past several wars ended such as the Cambodian one or even World War I or World War II, so why can’t we make these wars end?

There have been several tries in latest decades to end wars in the Middle East or in Afghanistan but none of them succeeded. So why are we unable to make peace?

Because we’ve lost our gardeners’ abilities. Peace is like a garden full of marvellous plants and trees and flowers. A garden must be nurtured, must be irrigated, must be cured every single day. In a garden, the plants need space to grow and so weeds must be thrown away, it must become the refuge of all people seeking refuge, it must be the centre of the thoughts of all the gardeners.

And I can assure you that the fruits will arrive one day. One beautiful day we’ll be able to eat the apricots and the apples and the blueberries and plums of our work.

So human reading this post, seek in yourself your gardener attitude, rediscover it and cure your garden, our garden, the garden of the world so that one day we’ll be all sitting together on a beautiful grass exchanging fruits and donating flowers and planting new seeds as gems of the peace to come.

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