One Million: Use It To Enrich Libraries

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I usually hear that people read less than in the past. Should we accuse them of this? On the one hand I agree. Technologies alter paper books. There is also the other side of an issue. It is a lack of books in libraries, especially in villages. It may sounds funny. But this is the problem which I see in Ukraine. And if I were a millionaire, I would spend money for libraries

The situation is similar on whole territory of Ukraine. But I am going to view Lviv region where I live.

According to the statistics of the National parliamentary library of Ukraine, admission to the library funds in the Lviv region reduced. On average for one year the library receives about 50 publications. And there is nearly none of modern literature.

40% of the fund of the libraries of Lviv region - Russian-language books. Although 86% of users read books only on the Ukrainian language. There are also a lot books published in time of Soviet Union.. I agree that there are a big amount of good publications but library should satisfy readers’ wishes.

Librarians from the villages of Lviv region emphasized that it is difficult to divide a small number of new books that are coming between readers. “In 1994 the library of our village received more than 80 books for a month. But now we do not such quantity even for a year, - said the librarian Yuriy Zymnyk, village Corosne. – There are less than 20 visitors in a day. And these visitors are mostly children. We do not have a lot of books for them. Kids still ask more and more.. What can I give them? It lowers their interest in reading. And then someone dares to say that children do not read!”.

Ivan Svarnyk who is director of the Lviv region universal scientific library noted that the dire state of library funds is not the only problem of rural libraries. “There are 1335 libraries on the territory of Lviv region. 86% of them are rural, - he said. - Most of the areas of rural libraries requires major repairs. In addition, 50% of libraries in the village do not have heating. And when we asked librarians about computers and the Internet, they only smiled because of absence of these.

So, what I would do at first:

- Provide libraries with computers

- Provide libraries with different books

- Create mobile libraries (when a person can order a book from other place and get it during few days)

- Repair buildings of libraries

If you have any idea, share it with me. I am looking forward to your comments!

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