One Tree At a Time

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Last month, the Make An Impact club at my school launched a Plant A Tree Campaign with the purpose of restoring our greens to reverse the negative effects of environmental degradation. As an international virtual club, we encouraged our members who are scattered across the globe to participate in this environmental campaign. This campaign involves one planting any plant of his or her choice, nurturing it, and at the end of the day, taking a picture of it. After much work and effort on this campaign for a month, we gathered together for an online session. And during this session, we students sharing pictures of their plants. Apart from that, these students began talking about other ways to reversed the negative impact of environmental degradation. As a president of this club, I must say that this campaign was very effective as we did more than just planting trees. In fact, we brought about a global environmental discussion. Therefore I personally believe that if we continue to embark on such campaigns collectively, we will be able to combat the growing environmental issues that we face. #PlantATreeROCKS!

One Tree = One Hope = A luminous Future for our future generations

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