OneMinutesJr. Jordan Workshop: Day Four "Filming and editing are nonstop!"

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OneMinutesJr. video shoot about early marriage.

OneMinutesJr. video shoot about early marriage.

Filming and editing were non-stop on the last 2 days of the workshop.

On the 4th day, we started out by driving to Baqa’a camp. Baqa’a began as a refugee camp in 1968 for Palestinians who left the West Bank and Gaza Strip during the 1967 Arab Israeli War. What were once tents are now concrete shelters, and the camp feels more like a town.

Our first film shoot was for Maram, an 18-year old who has already been married and divorced. She was very open about expressing this with us, and believes she still has her body but has lost her soul due to her experiences. Since she cannot go to school, she is studying at the camp’s beauty school. We decide to combine these two aspects of her life and film someone being made up for their wedding day, only to cry at what should be an exciting occasion. The women in the beauty salon help out by simulating a wedding song and dancing for the film.

Ala’a (16) loves to take pictures, especially of nature. We print out several of his beautiful pictures and film him hanging them up around Baqa’a. The colorful pictures are striking against the grey and tan concrete facades and bring a bit of nature to the urban setting.

Jevara (19) has an issue with the educational system. She feels like it “fills your mind but doesn’t teach you how to think.” She left the system to self-teach herself, but is now struggling to gain access to the final exam all students need to take. This is frustrating for her, and sometimes she feels overwhelmed by all the things she needs to think about. We try to express this by animating books piling up around her.

Before leaving Baqa’a, we have one more film to shoot. 20-year-old Wafa’a initially came to us with an idea she thought “might seem odd.” It was about a young boy who was trying to grow ants: a metaphor for Wafa'a's persistence in life. Even though people told her she couldn't study, she did it anyway. Now, she can no longer go to school, but she is a strong young woman and will find a way to succeed. We picked up some ants the day before. We spent some time filming the ants crawling on her hand while she had a conversation with her sister about going her own way.

We return to the UNICEF offices for several more film shoots.

Ola (17) came to Jordan from Iraq 14 months ago. She lives with her mother and brother, but her father has passed. She misses her father and her home, so for her film, she shows pictures of her family and the route they traveled to get to Jordan.

Not all of the films are so serious – Razan (16) loves to take pictures of herself, so we devise a way to film her taking pictures and talking to herself on the other side of the screen.

After a few more films, we finally finished all of our shoots. Now we only have editing to go before the final screening!

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