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The world connecting US

The world connecting US

Let me take us back through memory lane. People have been creating relentless strides in regards to developing various levels considered imparting to them. A lot is given consideration to here but to which this article is the term INFORMATION.

It has though taken a lot of long and shortcut pathways in its famous regalia of concern and it is as such my bone of contention here. There are definitely countless transitions through the efforts selflessly put in place by man to see information to its perpetual undeterred lane. From the time of the invention of the so called abacus up to the recent invention of today’s invariably nanosecond rate speedy computers operating in parallel due execution. This outright development is all for the purpose of seeing concurrent information to their basic destinations in a non-preemptive course. Though it is now transferred in a way as fast as the speed of light, in some cases even subduing the latter. Everything is not without consequence, computers as such had enjoyed numerous upgrades in their underlying structures greatly dependent on the information they carry. Vacuum tubes and toggle switches primitive now, it is only based on the concept of pointing out history that they are considered important in some transitions. Information has become very important that at this hour, its security obsolete and its integrity considered primary. Concepts of cryptography and cryptanalysis which as such have subjected information on a limbo in the hands of good and bad sectors have intertwined. Encryption algorithms as a measure applied in computer science have seen information on a line not only secured but also accountable. In the wrong hands, it has been exposed too much malice and chaotic meanders. Passive hackers through brute force attacks and frequency analysis, attacks have become agents have become more frequent.

The field of Information Technology has definitely surpassed all fields of human endeavor man can think of, no field is considered complete if information is found lacking and that field must be found wanting. Name them into a long list and see through the outcome, anything without information is attached a null value. A thought-provoking issue is how information has always and continuously been attributed to computers and this is a proof to how vulnerable it will be without computers, frankly speaking each is in need of the other to breakthrough. Information has revolutionized the world through the help of numerous inventions computer have seen. Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Information Technology are the most recent breakthrough and all of them are consistent on information routing. Lastly, information has consciously connected us into a network. It has enabled us to disseminate and access information regardless of where we are and how faraway the information we require is from us.

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