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The Eiffel Tower and its little red sibling.

The Eiffel Tower and its little red sibling.


It was only a couple of weeks that I paid a visit to the beautiful city of Paris. The city of love and so much more. A city like no other. A city full of culture, commerce, and contentment.

The nature of my visit was an artistic one, but it ended up being much more than that, and within my 3 short days in the city I explored the Parisian way of life..

Each of my days would start with a metro journey, but unlike my usual gruelling commute to work, I enjoyed these journeys (on double-decker trains I might add). And it was not that these trains weren't busy, or the seats more comfortable. It's just I enjoyed watching the man play his accordion aloud. I enjoyed eating my pain-au-chocolate. And I enjoyed listening to the fast-flowing French conversations.

Talking of pain-au-chocolates, in my personal opinion, or as the French say 'a mon avis', you haven't experienced the real Paris if you haven't been to a Parisian boulangerie. And they're not hard to come by, just like a Starbucks in New York, they're on every corner (and they're also much nicer!) My personal favourite was a small shop called Paul's, which I later discovered had branches all over the world. They serve homemade baguettes and cakes -which are to die for..

So what did I actually see I hear you screaming at your computer screen. Well, the Eiffel Tower of course, and it's little red sister. Yes. The Eiffel Tower has a little red sibling, made of chairs, stacked one above the other. However it is only meant to be temporary. Ironically, so was the Eiffel Tower, but thankfully due to its high popularity it was never taken down.

And I also paid a short visit to the River Seine one evening, where like the Parisians I indulged in a picnic on the river bank. On that eve we just sat and watched the sun set over this amazing city.

It's hard to deny that Paris is the city of love, given the amount of love-locks found on the bridges connecting both sides of Paris.

I also visited an innumerable number of galleries (several of which I was not allowed to take photos in!) Nonetheless being able to appreciate the art made the trip all the more worthwhile. And from the Musée d'Orsay to the Quai Branley, there was no piece of artwork that did not astound me. Although I must say the Mona Lisa is not all you expect it to be...

And one last interesting fact, did you know that all the main roads in Paris join up at the Arc de Triomphe, creating a star shape.

Bonne vacances!

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