Patriotism Is Love

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I guess sense of patriotism is familiar to every of us. How many times we heard about it in our schools and then in colleges, at home and of course on TV. We know it, but don't appreciate what we have.

I'm from Ukraine. I sure a lot of people or have never heard about this country, or heard a little (for example only about of the tragedy in Chernobyl, or know something about our famous sportsmen (Andriy Shevchenko, Vitaly and Volodimir Klichko and so on). I would like to say it's an amazing country and famous not only by sports achievements but also for its beautiful nature, rich culture and hospitable people.

If you watch the television you may pay attention to the situation in Ukraine nowadays. For those who don't know, I'll give some overall information. Literally in this moment we have terrible military acts with Russian terrorists in the East of Ukraine. Ukrainian men protect our territorial integrity and unitary of the country and personally I cannot watch the news on TV anymore because they announce only murders, terroristic blows and other things. These to me seem like war events. I haven't even imagined that sometimes I am living in such an awful period. Now sense a of patriotism is something very close to me. Love to my country takes first place in my heart, as equally as the love to my parents!

I become sad when I hear that Ukraine has never waged wars of conquest. Really! Sure you can tell me 'Wait a minute! But what about the Cossacks that attacked the Mongol lands?' And then I'll tell you 'Oh no! We have only protected our native land.' By the way, we were relatively amicably disposed to them, we had common trade and relationship, we have adopted many useful habits from them too. So, if you read a book about the history of Ukraine you'll find that we're a friendly and peaceful nation. But what about now? We cannot enjoy our peace...

I'm writing all of this now (I sure with language mistakes but excuse me for it) because I want to do something for the youth of the world to make you become aware about us, and appeal to you. I want you to appreciate their native land. I think it's the highest human feeling! Take care of it. Love it, because you're a part of it and it's a part of your soul. This article is too short but, I hope it's meaningful. Peace to all!

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