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In our life we will meet all kinds of people, good people, bad people, people from whom we’ll learn important lessons, people who are blessings for us, or lessons, people who will help us and people who will drag us down.

People will stay in our life for a day, a week, a month, a year or a lifetime and we need to value them and the lessons they will teach us.

People will hurt you, will hurt you in the most hurtful and paradoxically beautiful ways, because they will come in our life to tear us down, hurt us and teach us things about ourselves, things that will help us. This is the most important thing about people, even if we talk about love, friendship, colleagues, family.

We will meet in our life people from all around the world, people who think differently from us or who are exactly like us. We will meet extraordinary people, people who will understand us and who will open our eyes in a way that we will see ourselves in a different perspective. We will meet people from other countries and it will hurt that we can’t see them when we want to and because they will not be there. We will meet incredible people, amazing people, people who live miles away.

In general we think that nobody thinks or has the same perspective like we do, but you will meet someone who does. We think that only we have problems or we think that we don’t fit in this world. But we’ll be surprised to find people who are exactly like us, or think exactly like us or have the same struggles. We’ll meet people who we’ll love to talk to because they understand us in a different way, people who are mirrors or people who we can’t get along with or ‘vibe’ with them.

But in general people are not meant to stay in our lives forever, no matter how much we want them to stay, and when they leave we will have our hearts broken. We need to learn that people come in our lives for a period of time and then we need to let them go. We will leave pieces of ourselves in everyone we care about and we will remember things about them and it will hurt.

We don’t meet people by accident or by coincidence - every person who is in our life is there with a purpose.

People are a big part of our lives and we need to learn from them, understand them. But be wise – don’t let people control your life or make you feel bad. Choose people who choose you, people who will love you the way you are and people who will be there for you. Do not let anyone make you feel small or insignificant. Every person in this world is amazing in their own way.

(This is for the people who left, or who are miles away, for people who are still in my life and for the ones who will be – for all the people I meet.)

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