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This project is being carried out to praise the little yet significant things of our natural habitat, that usually go unnoticed. The goal is to get a reflection essentially of all the simplicity and complexity, our Earth encompasses. Our primary focus is on natural things around us that we take for granted and don’t genuinely appreciate. Unfortunately, our Planet Earth and its inhabitants are already under a devastating threat due to global warming, excessive urbanization and several other factors. Imagine a world where there are no pandas, no birds, where it doesn’t snow and there are no beautiful, heart-warming sunsets – what would life be like?

The theme of this project is dedicated to our world and all it’s wonderful natural beauty. The diverse species of animals and plants, the breath-taking landscapes, mountains, rivers and oceans, the pearl-like sprinkles of droplets of rain and the soothing tweeting of little birds. All things that are natural and not man-made.

In order to participate, please answer this following question through a photograph with brief yet a powerful caption.

Take a picture of one natural thing that instantly lightens up your mood and brings a bright smile on your face. Like fireflies in the dark, like multiple rainbows after heavy rain, like underground caves, orange sunsets etc. What’s one thing that instantly makes you happy, that you’d never wanna lose? Go outside and take a picture!


  1. Write a title of the particular thing/being/place you choose and caption it, explaining what makes it so special.

  2. Write your Name, City and Country

  3. Email it to

  4. The photographs will be put into a photo collage and will be showcased online.

REMEMBER: The photograph must be of something from our natural habitat and environment. Any photograph which showcases something man made, shall not be selected for display. For any questions feel free to email me at

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