Perpetual Aggression of Israeli to Palestinian Children


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A Brave Children

A Brave Children

As we know, the perpetual aggression attacks Palestine because of the notorious willing of Israel to occupy Palestine land. As the result, the conflict between both Palestinian and Israeli people has not found a resolution although the United Nations have mediated it. As a result, long aggression appears as violence not only for other Middle Eastern countries, but also for children and youth around the conflict area.

A study shows Palestinian and Israeli children act more violently because they're exposed to so much violence (Mairav Zonszein writes for Al-Monitor). From that study, we know that Palestinian kids get the highest exposure to violence and highest levels of aggression.

Physiologically, the highest aggression and violence toward children will cause automatically them of being more aggressive due to their responses to defend from much aggression and violence of the enemy. So, violence has become a normal part of life whose absence would be the aberration. On the other hand, although the perpetual combat has faded, confrontation, trauma, and hatred have replaced their feelings and behaviors.

It could be proven as Israeli bombs Gaza’s land (in a Gaza refugee camp), many middle-aged Palestinians felt trauma and hatred because they killed their family and relatives. Another reason, Israeli people especially Zionists are called by them as perpetrators who bravely occupy their land without humanizing. As a result, many new generations are more militant than before the previous.

I intend to tell you that Palestinian children need aid to relieve trauma and hatred. Although it is normal, we can’t neglect them. We, as humankind, harbor some humanizing feelings like them. The solidarity should be built up to assist them from violence.

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