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Her eyes are like black diamonds. you can see the flash of sunlight before her crystal clear marbling eyes everyday you wake up in the morning.She often says, i am like her lost daughter. Definitely,she is neither less than my mother nor my grand mother. She is Sahera Banu, my domestic helper. Someone I admire.

Admiration is an intense form of love. However, this love is unknown. And if it is known, then still unexpressed. And if expressed, then very mysterious. How would you define it? Affection? Passion? Emotion? Kiss? or Hugs?

Well, my mother kisses me on my forehead too. But there is something special that drags me to her. Is it her unconditional care for me?

If it is care, then it is a pretty silent one. She likes to watch me having my meals. I dont know why? Especially her cooked meals! One day, I noticed her tears, slowly rolling down her wrinkled cheeks while watching me behind the corners. I noticed deeply,then looked into her eyes. The murmurs in her black gems resounded in my ears. What a pleasure when your beloved enjoys your cooked food!what a love! unfortunately, this thing is missing in my biological mom.

Pleasure in my case too, but sometimes embarassing. Ya, embarrassing! An embarassed situation during introducing her before my friends. Truly, I dont want to name her "domestic helper".

But she proudly reveals her identity to them. I feel guilty. I feel like inhuman. i feel criticizing. I feel down! i feel...

Here is the thing. The thing i want to define for love, for admiration."Never feel ashamed about what you are. You are unique and that's the thing which makes you the superman of the world. The roads of life are not smooth. You have to be strong and face it. Struggle and win it!"

I can't explain her words. It's just deeply shielded in pearls. Don't you think she is more than a person? More appropriately, beyond my thoughts.

People say angels are invisible. I confidently deny it!

Picture: The Help is a movie about African American maids working in white households in Jackson, Mississippi during the early 1960s.

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