PLURAL+ Awards 2015: Another Kind of Girl

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Name: Khaldiya Aamir

Film: Another Kind of Girl; PLURAL+ Partner Award

Country: Jordan

Age: 18

What 3 words describe you best?

Compassionate, sentimental, and stubborn

Tell us about your film - what is it about?

The film talks about what life is like in the Za'tari refugee camp. Through this film I wanted to show the world who us Syrian children are and the challenges and risks that we face and overcome despite the difficult circumstances we are currently in.

What motivated you to create this film?

My love for photography and filmmaking is what motivated me, with the support of my teacher Laura. My fellow Syrians, especially the children, have so many ambitions, hopes, and dreams that they strive to achieve. I was determined to portray this disposition rather than the stereotypical idea of Syrian children living in the refugee camp like homeless people with no future.

Why do you think it is important for young people to make videos and to produce other types of media?

Because young people are the future. We are the ones who will rebuild the Syria of tomorrow. And because young people are the ones who are most damaged and negatively affected by this war, including forgoing a proper education and plunging into poverty, among many other things.

Who inspires you?

My teacher Laura is the only support I have and she is the one who continually inspires me to do this work. I am very grateful for her because she has aided and stood by me even to this point.

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