PLURAL+ Awards 2015: The girl whose shadow reflects the moon

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Name: Walaa

Film: The girl whose shadow reflects the moon, PLURAL+ Partner Award

Country: Jordan

Age: 16

What 3 words describe you best?

bold, ambitious, hopeless romantic

Tell us about your film - what is it about?

The film portrays a number of situations that I have found myself in.

What motivated you to create this film?

Laura, Tasneem, and Khiali motivated me to make films.

Many of the events from the war remain fixed in our minds and hearts because they were so severe. But we can't articulate them, and so I chose to do art and filmmaking and use some of the courage and bravery found within me to express a part of what is inside of me, and what is happening to many young women in my community. I want every girl who went through something as I have or something else to not have to be quiet about it and not to keep things inside of her that would make her stay up all night afraid. I hope that each young woman is able to express her inner-self directly and indirectly in order to break the chains of bondage, namely being afraid of what people will say, being afraid of how people will look at you.”

Why do you think it is important for young people to make videos and to produce other types of media?

It is important for young people to make videos because us young people are under a lot of pressure and stress and we have to be able to express what's going on around us at the same time take our minds off of our situation and the things that hurt us and affect us psychologically. It's so important for young people to use media and art as much as possible.

Are you working on any other films right now? Is there a particular film project or story that you'd really like to tell?

I'm not currently working on any projects, but I'm looking for an opportunity because I don't have the necessary camera or equipment. I have a lot of projects, stories to tell, and films that are ready for filming and execution.

Who or what inspires you?

The sound of the birds chirping, the sound of the rain falling on the window, the smell of jasmine, and the sound of singer Fayrouz in the morning :)

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