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Name: Sam Chegini

Title of your video: The Cops Don't Know

Age: 24

What 3 words describe you best?

Creative, hard working, passionate

Tell us about your video – what is it about?

Everyday African-Americans may lose their lives in the hands of the police in the USA for no reason. The Cops Don’t Know is basically a reminder to people that black lives matter. Based on the documentary films, videos, and articles, the Cops Don't Know reviews all the painful cases when the innocent people got killed by the police, asking this question that if black lives matter, why the police do not know? It’s made to remind us we do starve for more love, peace and justice on our planet earth more than any time in the history of humanity.

What motivated you to create this video?

I always care about certain subjects in my works, such as peace, love, and imagination. When I first received the music track from our great producer Chris Porter, I couldn’t stop imagining the scenes. Powerful music by Jakko Jakszyk along with a powerful lyrics by Sir Lenny Henry, a fantastic combination, I couldn’t resist, I drew the storyboard and replied immediately that it’s going to be a great video for sure.

Why do you think it is important for young people to make videos and to produce other types of media?

I believe young people can change the world with their ideas. Maybe they have a more fearless point of view at things comparing to someone who has spent his/her lifetime in the career. So the messages behind these videos/films/any other type of media can be more truthful and important. They are more emotional and pure. It can be used as a good reference to look back to. A mirror of the world today or sometimes the other way round and completely imaginary. A path to follow or a path to create. After all, these are the voices of the next generation who are going to live on this planet and shape the future of our world. We should bold their messages and add some volume to their voices so people who need to hear them can listen and their messages can be heard for a better world. Governments and those who are in power must trust the young people and hear their voice.

Who inspires you?

Everyone and everything can inspire me in a way at certain points. Sometimes even a bad film which has some good parts in it can inspire me. From the singing birds on the trees to the poor man passing the streets looking for a bread to eat, everyone and everything can be a peer of inspiration for me.

Are you familiar with the Global Goals? Which is more important ? Why?

I am familiar with Global Goals. I've had cooperation with UN in my country when I was younger. I know particularly about WFP and UN-Habitat and their goals. To me, Climate Change is the most important goal. And to answer why: Because it's real! And we only have one and only one planet earth! We better protect it.

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