Pollution in Zambia

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Human activities that lead to pollution are a danger to the environment because they contaminate the environment with materials that interfere with human health, the quality of life or the natural functioning of the living organisms and their surroundings.

The types of pollution common in Africa, specifically my country Zambia, include: water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and solid waste. Water pollution in Zambia is brought about by many activities such as industrial waste from mines, disposal of human waste, plastics and dead animals in river systems. Furthermore washing and bathing in water is another form of water pollution common in less developed areas like villages and shanty compounds.

As we know Zambia’s economy is highly based on mining and industrial activities, for this reason a lot harmful chemicals like sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide are emitted into the atmosphere causing acid rain when they get into contact with rain drops. Another cause of air pollution is the carbon monoxide from traffic as well as burning of wood for charcoal which is very common in Zambia due to the load shedding the country is facing. This activity is a danger to environment as it causes the extinction of trees and also emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere contributing to the greenhouse effect.

When sounds are played in order to create an effect they contributes to one’s joy, but when they are irritating, destructive or dangerous to human health they are said to be noise pollution. This is brought about by road traffic, loud music from bars as well as noise from industrial machinery.

As economic growth increases all over the world, especially in developing countries like Zambia, energy is required in order to boost production, in this case pollution is expected to increase rapidly and it may cause the deaths of innocent people and other living organisms in the environment.

It is up to you and I to care for our environment and this can be done by using renewable energy sources, proper waste management and by using machinery and vehicles that are environmental friendly. Examples of these are hybrid cars, solar appliances and other machinery that operates on green energy. By doing this we will reduce pollution hence reducing deaths of living organisms as well as well as securing a better future for our children.

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