Poverty and the future of the African Youth

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It's commonplace that African youths have taken to a new trend of cyber crime and the constant excuse we hear them say (when they're caught) is "Poverty led me to do it" Poverty should never be an excuse to commit crime. Looking at it both ways - If more jobs were created for these hungry youths, there's no way they'd be thinking up ways to get money the dubious way. We've got graduates who're fresh off the university with degrees and who're hoping to be employed, then a year goes by, yet another year and nothing happens and since they've got needs like anyone else and probably a family to feed, they look for the easiest means to earn money.

The African youth cannot keep waiting for the government to provide them with jobs. If you've got no job, create one. Do something about your situation. And do it the healthy way. Many great people today started out small with nothing but a dream in their hearts. A dream that tomorrow will bring them fruits of their labour.

Youths need to make their future happen by investing in their today!!

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