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The month of June was the month when the world saw gasoline being poured onto the Arab-Israeli conflict of 10 decades--ceasing the optimistic idea of peace within this region that followed the cease-fires a few years back. The world watched as the fire grew. The world watched as the fire consumed thousands of people into this hatred. The world watched as Israel and Palestine played a intense game of dodgeball.

But in place of those rubbery colorful round balls, their balls consists of bombs, threats, and innocent people. Once a team received these "balls", the team would quickly launch this exact ball with double the force to the other team's side, in hopes to hitting any part of their opponent. If Palestine sent down bombs, Israel would send double the bombs, and then Palestine would double the amount of Israel’s double, and then Palestine would send down double of the of Israel’s double double, and etc. You get the picture, right? A mere game.

Rules: Bring as much destruction to your opponent as possible?

Equipment: Anything dangerous, please.

Time limit: None.

At a certain point after watching this “game” unfold, there is a wonder on how this war, which let me reminds you is 10 decades old (World record? I think yes!) started. Well lets just say it official started in WW1, because I rather not go into the Romans and Jew’s history.

During WW1 Britain (damn those delicious crumpets) lied to both the Jews and Arabs that were residing in the region today that consists of Israel, Gaza Strip, and West Bank. Promising both Jews and Arabs behind each other’s backs, Britain stated that if they helped in revolted against the Ottomans, Britain would grant them a nation-state. Fast forward to the end of WW1, Britain lied. Tensions between the Jews and Arabs intense as the race to a nation-state continue.

These groups pushed and pulled, and it didn’t help at all when thousands of Jews were migrating into Palestine during this time because of the Zionist movement. Violence unleashed between these two, till the point that UN had to agree to establish both nation states. Well that idea never happen.

In 1948 Israel was internationally recognized as a state, and in a result the Arabs were furious. Following this, six neighboring Arab states invaded Israel. Egypt and Jordan retained control over the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Finally the The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was recognized.

In 1993, after two decades of continuous conflicts, Israel and the PLO finally agree to extend self-government of both regions (Gaza Strip and West Bank) to the Palestinians. But this 1993 agreement that allowed a Palestinian government was solely based on negotiations though it was assumed that this treaty would be followed with an official announcement the State of Palestine.

To this day there has been no treaty. This is what our current issue revolves around. As Israel broaden their border to encompass the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and Palestinians are rioting, the question of “who owns what?” emerges again like cockroach that can’t be killed.

So the relationship between Arabs and Jews is not so great. And the history is not to so great as well, but the history demonstrates how pointless this conflict is...because who really is the bad guy? And no I am not saying that the true criminal here is Britain (damn those crumpets). And yes I know the numbers of Palestinians killed by Israel is significantly larger than Israelis killed by Palestinians (570 Palestinians killed to 29 Israelis).

My point is to say that the PAST is the criminal here. Today countries are always absorb in what happened decades ago rather than focusing on what can be done today. Because lets be honest here, INNOCENT people on BOTH sides of the conflict are paying the price for events that occur in the past. Do these innocent people have a say in what they want...sadly no.

Just today Israel bombed a UN shelter in Gaza because they thought there were Hamas militants in there. Were there? No. Though they did kill 16 INNOCENT people. We need to move away from the past or more pointless fighting will spur.

Moreover news sites are obsess with the question “So who started this?”. But does this really matter at this point? Will knowing this bring back thousands of lives that were lost? Or would it just bring more hate? If we continue the game of “who’s fault is who” it would only result in more violence. It would only evoke more tensions between this 10-decade delicate relationship. Again pointless fighting over pointless arguments.

What we need to do right now is teaching the new generation on how to put out the fire gradually, rather than shoving this new generation back into it. We need actions rather than sanctions. We need movement rather than hesitation. Because if we don’t teach them about peace the cockroach would just come back bigger and stronger (ew!). And “we” means everyone.

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