Quest for Internet Access at Luanshya Secondary School

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14 year old Constance Chanda creating an account on Voice of Youth online site.

14 year old Constance Chanda creating an account on Voice of Youth online site.

The internet has become part of our everyday life because of its ease access and diversity. Today, pupils from Luanshya Boys Secondary School on the Copperbelt Province of Zambia took part in a training on Connect. The training was blended with sessions on how to avoid plagiarism, re-blogs, and ways of creating a realist, achiveable and time-bound action-plan. The school received a router to enhance easy internet access to the pupils. This was done in a quest to assist pupils to share what they are doing in their communities with the rest of the world and use different social networking platforms-like Voice of Youth.

'The internet will help us use a variety of search engines that can allow us to search any topic that we want easily and without difficulty' said 16 year old Isaac Mambwe of Luanshya Boys Secondary School. And Mrs. Prisca Mbafu, a teacher at Luanshya Boys Secondary, expressed gratitude to UNICEF for the gesture. She reminded pupils that 'there is a lot of diversity when using the internet. The internet is a database full of information and offers us a lot of services, mostly for free.' The pupils in Luanshya have been implementing community activities in issues of HIV/AIDS and Environment because Luanshya is one of the major mining towns in Zambia, leaving the residents at risk of contracting respiratory infections due to pollution from the mines.

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