Rain: Blurred yet so revealing


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Rain is a quintessential element in life. It represents different things for each one of us. I tried writing this small poem by imagining its importance for different communities across the globe. Hope it is appreciated.


Pouring down like a river;

Whipping against my window fiercely;

Making its way slowly yet so gently;

Time to welcome it: Rain.

Wiping away all chances for me to fall back asleep;

Clutching my goose-fleshed arms tightly;

Time to dwell on past reminiscences;

Oh Rain! What do you want to convey so earnestly?

You are rejuvenation mood for frogs.

You are rumbling chaos being foreseen.

You are relief for those of drought-affected countries.

Yet you seem so undecipherable today.

Fascinating as it is; yet the lashes puzzle me.

To dreamers, Rain is a wiper heralding change.

For those who associate it with pain are blindfolded:

Pain brings tears; Rain brings clarity and purity.

For those who associate it with danger merely are too fearful:

Danger brings disaster; Rain brings life-changing lessons.

For those who associate it with delight are jovial souls:

Everything seems so new under the grey sky.

As I sink in my wonderland, I see it enlightening forlorn hopes again.

Such is the beauty of Rain: It pours a blend of emotions.

Its final message goes as such:

“Your dreams are being weaved, hold on, as I sign off, light shall creep in for a new beginning”

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