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We live such privileged lives without being aware of it at all. We get up every morning, make breakfast, get dressed and go out to work, to school or simply shopping…but in many parts of the world, people cannot even leave their homes, afraid they might get shot.

But is it safer to stay inside? Because at any moment a bomb could hit exactly where you just stood or walked. They go to sleep every night with the fear of not waking up again tomorrow. That and much more has happened for years every day in Syria and not just there. But how many people actually read articles about it or even think about it? After all, it does not happen here, right?

There are also people who really think it’s okay to refuse these people a chance to escape from this?! This makes me so angry, I mean what the hell is wrong with them? These people live in fear every second of their lives, so please use your brain and your heart and stand up for these people in need. Raise your voice for them and show the government how wrong they are!

And if you think that you as a single person cannot do anything anyway, you're so WRONG...Even as an individual you can make a difference and if many people think so, then you are not alone anymore. Silence and looking away is the worst thing you can do in such a situation.


- get informed

- try to make others aware of what is going on in this world

- and help where and with anything you can!

Be kind, spread love and confidence, that's what the world needs the most at the moment! Be generous, do not judge hastily, give the world a smile and you will see, it smiles back.

Let's all stick together and make this world a better and more peaceful place full of love! A place where we can peacefully raise our future children no matter their sexuality, skin colour, or religion.

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