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Thank God, 2014 has started well but in order to make better progress it is very important for me to review the year 2013; not to live in the past, but to understand it and use it to create a better future. In the words of Soren Kierkgaard “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

2013 was not a perfect year for me but it was still great and better than 2012. It started with so much optimism about lots of things I planned for myself but somehow the best things that happened to me in 2013 are the things I didn’t plan for or didn’t see coming and I’m really grateful to God for them all. In response to the post about what rocked our year ( I would love to briefly talk about some lessons I learnt, some awesome things that happened to me, and my general goals for 2014.

The most important lessons I learnt in 2013 are:

1) It is very important to always stay positive no matter how bad the situation is and always try to find a solution to your problem rather than cry or blame others. This lesson helped me bring out the least good thing out of the biggest bad situation.

2) Spend your time doing something you have a passion for with so much love in your heart. Spending an hour on something you are passionate about is more rewarding than spending 24 hours on something else. It's an awesome feeling.

3) Keep working hard and never give up. Don’t let people or events stop you from doing the right thing. There will always be obstacles on the way but you have to make a decision to always overcome those obstacles.

4) When you are faced with something that seems impossible, pray and ask God to make a way for you rather than give up. Trust Him completely, He never fails.

Quite a number of awesome things happened to me in 2013 but the highlights are:

1) Finally graduating from the university after spending six and a half years for a course that’s supposed to last for five years due to the inefficient educational system in Nigeria. The day I wrote my final paper in my final exam was filled with so much joy.

2) Becoming a part of the Voices of Youth family and enjoying every little bit of it. This family really added something meaningful and special to my life and will always be loved and appreciated.

3) Having the best ever surprise birthday party organized by some really awesome friends. I didn’t see it coming and it was so beautiful. I wish I could relive that day all over again.

4) Having the opportunity to volunteer in a field I have so much passion for and gaining lots of experience.

Generally, my goals for 2014 are:

1) To gain more knowledge in the field of child protection and do more to help make this world a better place for children.

2) To try my best and contribute to the advancement of the Voices of Youth Platform.

3) To gain more competent skills, work on my weaknesses, improve my strengths, and become a better person.

4 )To eat more, pray more and love more.

2013 has come and gone with more blessings than disappointments, and I strongly believe 2014 will be much better than 2013. I am ready to grab more opportunities, learn more lessons, and live one day at a time. So Help Me God.

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