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This is my first post on voices of youth. I'm 14 and I’m Indonesian. I know that I’m not good enough in English, but I’m trying to write on it. Hopefully it can be understand by all of you.

My father is a policeman. He usually transferred work to random district about every 2-3 years until my family (except my dad) chose to stay in Bandung. From 1st until 3rd grade of elementary school, I lived in Bandung. From 3rd-4th grade I followed my dad to live in Aceh, and i got back to Bandung again. When I was moving to Bandung again, I had such a culture shock.

Prosperousness of people and education between Aceh and Bandung are unequal. When I started to study in my new school in Bandung, I was way behind my friends. They already learned fraction, but I was still not good in multiplication. My friends and my teacher thought that I was stupid. I couldn't follow the subjects they learn in school, I was having none of friends, I was completely alone and I got depressed. They bullied me. I have no of bravery to fight. They said I was stupid, foolish, ugly, freak, or anything. It was shocking for me, because when I was studying in Bandung and Aceh, I always got 1st rank.

They made me become a pessimistic, insecure, sad and lonely. I was always trying to find reasons to my mum so I shouldn't have to go to school. My mother didn't know about what exactly happening to me. But it was getting worse than before. I left behind so far. My report card was horrible. That time, I believed that I was really stupid.

I turned into a 5th grader. My new teacher was so kind to me. She helped me and never said anything that hurts me, like my 4th grade teacher did. I was looking to Tyas, the smartest girl in my class, the most genius, that all of my teachers loved.

I started talk to my mum that time. My mum had never expected that I got depressed in school. My mum paid a mathematic course and music course for me. Tyas were my idol. I wanted to be as smart as she was. I studied hard and started to make friends.

In the 6th grade, my teacher was completely supporting me. I developed. My score was increasing every day. My teacher, Mr. Bagoes, asked me to join a quiz contest. I was chosen to be the representative of my school as mathematics contestant, in the same group with Tyas. I worked hard. We won the test as the 1st victor.

My friends never bullied me again. They started to respect me. But I didn't stop. I was still studying hard to pass the national exam. My next goal was to beat out Tyas' score. My teachers (and one of teacher that underestimated me) were supporting me. I owe Mr. Bagoes for all i had reach. I beat Tyas. I got 28,70 and she got 28,45.

I was looking back for the past years I had. I was a girl that they called stupid, foolish, and ugly. Now, I just beat out the smartest girl in my school. I proved them. I don't deserve to be underestimated. But, thank you, for them who had rejected me and bullied me in school. Because, without all of it, I couldn't have improved so much and reach all my dreams and become who I am today.

For all teenagers in the world and for my friends, Don’t let them block your way to reach your dreams. Believe me; if you want to reach something, you have to try to get it seriously. Prove them all that you can! My mum said, "the greatest pleasure in this life is doing what people say you can't do".

Happy reaching-your-dreams!

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