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Source: Personal experience

Source: <Personal experience>

It is common for parents to worry about what want their children in their lives and ask about it, and leave the magic question What do you want to be?, Many respond that they want to be police officers, firefighters, architects and doctors, when I was seven years old I asked that question repeatedly to what I answered Paleontologist they said 'What's that? I never heard that ',' in our country there is no scope of work for the profession 'and I did not understand what they meant by that, and so died my dream of being a paleontologist.

Then over time I tried to focus on other things and I started to like the natural sciences, I was interested too scientific research. And like a boomerang returning the question What do you want to be? I answered a "great scientist" they smiled and said, 'but science dehumanizes you, makes you cold and sometimes makes you an atheist'. I froze when they said that and I thought "well, this might not be for me" and so died my dream of being a scientist.

Then I got to focus on something I liked, business and politics, now they turned to ask What do you want to be?. I answered Political and they were saying 'For this You have to be corrupt' and so died my dream of being a politician.

A few weeks ago my father took me to the office of one of my uncles who is a plastic surgeon in an area that is very well located, so that's chat with me about what I wanted to be, while in the small waiting room heard talks most banal of my life, they talked about their cars, they said that some people are jealousy of theirs things, cloth from India and Persian rugs. I thought of how such people can think of them without looking around and note that there are many in need. Then I tried to turn a deaf ear and start writing the efforts of a project, at 2 hours left their patients saw me and brought me to talk. He began to ask me what I wanted to study and then I said no was good, that I must follow his example 'that nothing was missing', 'he earns whatever he want', 'that he does want ',' he don't have a boss and live well ', he said he needed a dentist aesthetic and suggested that I consider it, that's to bring enough money. Then I remembered the wise words of one of my teachers, "a cosmetic surgeon in a thief, because deceives people. What is a phenomenon? A change in the matter, and What makes a cosmetic surgeon? It changes, He makes you freak. "I smiled and said goodbye.

While on the bus, I was analyzing all that he had said and everything that had happened previously when they asked that question, I noticed that they did not kill my dreams, that I killed my own dreams to forget, then more will not kill my dreams. At that moment I remembered what my Philosopy teacher said me "The man who not have a ideal, don't exist, DO YOU EXIST?" My ideal is to make a better world, working at the UN and become Secretary General, thus conquer death because no one really dies when some people remember for who he was and he did. GYE-Ecuador.

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