Real Stories of Ebola

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Youth Voices: Act Now to Stop the Spread of Ebola

"Every day and night, I sit in my family's little home in Monrovia and watch people from my community cry as their family members are taken away by the National Ebola Taskforce to be cremated.

They cry that they won't see their family any more, they won't even be able to talk about them at their graveside. As these dead bodies are taken away, I wonder how life will be for their family and how will their children survive as most of the victims of Ebola are usually the heads of families."

Young people in West Africa tell heartbreaking stories of the impact of Ebola in their communities. This powerful short film was produced by Plan's youth ambassadors in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Norway, with the help of Plan UK and Plan International.

The young people in these films are sharing blogs that they have written for Plan International's website. To find out more about Plan International's work in West Africa go to

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