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A part of becoming an adult is a continual need to change and evolve. The entire process is a mixture of love and bitterness crashing at the gates of our soul, just like the waves that crash at the shore. The only difference is these waves of emotions are capable of ravaging our once upon a time innocent soul.

It’s the whole idea of how, as we grow up in this world, and become aware of each and everything around us, we choose to attract and react to the gloom-ridden acts more than respond to them in a constructive way. That’s where we hand ourselves into this world and unconsciously start walking towards a path which asks of us our innocence and our unadulterated soul.

While undergoing this process and being a part of this world is inevitable, a mistake one shouldn’t make is the fatalistic approach towards one’s existence. On the process of self healing, which is something we all need to be able to survive, we should realise how everything around us is a reflection of our own selves. And how we ourselves are, is a reflection of our thoughts and our mind.

The mind possesses the power to make up things and trick us into believing things the aren’t there, but on the other hand, it also does possess the intense power to heal everything from your heart to your soul, to remove all the bitterness and fill in all the love.

Unknown is the fact to me of how true the revelations made in the book “The Secret” are in real life, but I do definitely believe in how what goes on in our mind reflects in our body, on our face and most importantly in the energy we release. I believe it to be true, to think positive for yourself in order to attract positive, but why only for ourselves, why not for everyone around? Thinking positive to attract positive is a great theory, but it would be great if we remove the tint of selfishness from it.

Your heart, your body, and your soul, each of them are connected by strings to your mind. A great and selfless mind always helps the flowers in the ‘soul’s garden’ to bloom, while a unhappy mind is a place for weeds. The outcome is a result of the power you possess to nurture it.

Let your self be a soul full of love and happiness. Even if at times you feel the world is too cruel for it, don’t fall for it and just believe that maybe someone out there just needs you and your smile. Never give up and make sure that you don’t let your life turn bleak, because what’s in your mind is what you radiate, and what you radiate reflects around you.

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