Regarding the Death Penalty..

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Recently outside of my dorms, I have listened to the voices of the people in chicago, crying for help to help the case of Troy Davis. The concept of the death penalty in a democratic nation shows (in my opinion), the lack of faith and patience our nation has in an individual.

Whether one has committed a crime, or whether one is innocent, we as a nation and a union should NEVER underestimate the rights of a man. I am not saying to have faith in an individual who has committed injustice, however it is unjust to create a death penalty for an individual such as Troy Davis, or any other individual in that sense. The death penalty has become an underestimated reason to amend situations, leading our nation and society to believe in safety again.

Our nation, as well as any other country should never force a death on a living soul. Hasn't our present and past already performed enough injustice? From friendly fire to suicide, to homicide, to torture, the list goes on and on. We as a nation should have faith and be able to distinguish from the just and unjust. Let me know what you think!

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