Religion and caste

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Do we need to consider religion or the caste of a person when we associate with someone?

I think the answer should be, NO.

It's different to expand our thinking ability because horizons mean what the limitations are, on behalf of our emotions. You should be an emotional person, but not break your qualities as a human being. Furthermore, If you are living with a narrow mind (with emotions), you may be afraid to go through that too.

Here is a recent example:

Almost three decades we had been conflicting with LTTE terrorism that caused many violence in the country; there were no differences whether there was the same religion or not. At some times, Tamil people were neglected as a member of the mission Elam, but they were innocent and prayed to get peace from the country. So then, WAS THIS JUSTICE TO THEM AT THAT PERIOD? OR DID OUR EMOTIONS HELP MAKE US THINK THEM AS GENUINE TAMIL?

According to our national flag, it represents all religions that live together, which means peace to all communities. Why do we carry boundaries into the peace of the country by adding religion and cast differences?

REMEMBER WHAT BUDDHA SAID, Our cast or religion, not depends how we born or to whom? That depends what we do or how we behave in front of the world thereby we should respect to each other for better community.

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