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A lady rope-climbing

A lady rope-climbing

How would you want to remember me?

Would it be fine if I’m remembered as the person that caused a lot of heartache everywhere he went?

Or not?

Would you be offended if you remembered me during those times of peace and harvest around the village, as the person that destroyed it all and left you to pick up the crumbs?

Many people will testify that I’m that one person that saved them from doing something they would regret their whole lives.

Would you want to remember me that way?

Do I want to be remembered as the person that stood up to injustice and was the voice of others who were oppressed and suppressed?

Do I want to be remembered as the one person that stared in the future and saw so much potential in the young people around her and chose to do something about harnessing that potential?

Do you want to be remembered as the person that outshined the world on the global sports arena and retired with over 30 Olympics golds?

The encourager to…

To the needy.

To the homeless.

The sick and worn out.

To the banished.

Would you want to be remembered in this honour?

It’s not for everyone, you know, right?

Even when the times get better than they are now

Will you remember me?

Who used to move with you, like a tick moves with a cow, on it’s skin.

The one person who shared a blanket with you, when we both had nothing but an answer-sheet for a mattress?

The one person you sent to the battle-ground at the canteen, to scrum for your chapattis and samosas.

The one person who you told everything that was happening at home.

The one person that always knew your mood, at an instant, of looking at you.


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