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“All children and young people have a right to primary education, which should be free” (UN Convention, article 28)

The Tech Girls Club in Darul Hardis is relying on this article to make demands from school authorities, the Parent Teachers Association and the School Management Committee (SMC) for an ICT Lab with computers for pupils to learn.

Our School has a total of 720 students with just 4 computers with only 3 working well. These computers are in the headmaster’s Office because the school does not have an ICT lab. The situation makes it difficult for students to practice during ICT lessons. As members of the Tech Girls club, we have been fortunate to be learning ICT every week which has contributed a lot to our ability to learn other subjects and that is why we want to demand from the school authorities to set up a computer lab in the school for all pupils to learn ICTs.

In the coming week, we plan to interview the Headmaster, PTA Chairman and the SMC chairman to find out how they can assist the school to get an ICT lab with computers and we hope to share that with you again.

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