Rural youth need agricultural skills


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Rural women

Rural women

What do you think about skills for rural and urban youth? Are they the same? The answer is positively different because it depends on related factors such as the environment of youth, education, technology, and so forth. Here we will elaborate what kind of skills rural youth have.

Rural and urban areas have quite the same characteristics. Poverty is sometimes identical with the rural area, predominantly in low and some middle income countries. This stereotype cannot easily be lost because most people who live in rural areas, work in agricultural and forestry sectors with low salaries. Youth who live in rural areas also face disadvantages due to limited skills they harbor to counterbalance the same skills of urban youth. The limited skill of rural youth will limit them to look for an appropriate job. So, the youth perception is that living in rural areas does not give them the potential to find a good job. Furthermore, youth migrate to urban areas to look for better jobs; and in rural areas, agricultural lands are abandoned because there are no young people who want to be farmers.

Despite the above, gender disparity still occurs in rural areas mainly because young women are especially isolated and marginalized due to accessing a good education. Directly and indirectly, the involvement of young women will detract the golden opportunity to sustain a better life than before. Although they have a chance to stay in school, the lack of knowledge and assets to reach the right education still haunts them to get proper skills. UNFAO has developed a programme for developing skill of youth in rural area in the realm of agriculture. By giving training about agriculture, on how embody sustainable agriculture, is good thing for skills development. Set theories also should be prompted to be given to them. Why should be agriculture firstly to youth lived in rural area? Like the mentioned above, rural area is close to agricultural. Agricultural development is the best way for economic growth to address the problem of skill lacking for youth in rural area. However, the kind of agriculture that will be evolved is not traditional, but it is needed an ancillary thing known as technology. Youth should know how to use technology theoretically and practically. Other things needed are land, labor, and capital. In Indonesia, the government provides an integrated mechanism to develop skills and technologies in agriculture, namely agricultural intensification or PANCA USAHA TANI. It is proven, given the benefits for economic, social, and ecology to the farmers.

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