Rushing is Your Friend, Family is Your BEST Friend!!

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Father, Mother and Children. The ideal members of a little family. Let’s add Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle, Aunt, Cousins, Nephew and Niece for an awesome extended family. What a very great feeling for some people, who easily get the affection and care from their family and can experience it with a smile and little tears of joy.

At the beginning of 2014, I was thinking that I sometimes forget about my family. It doesn’t mean that I forget about who they are or where they are, but it's more about the time I have with them. It’s been 2 years since my mom decided to live separately from me. She divorced my dad when I was 17 years old, so I have lived with my uncle in Jakarta. It's 1,403.6 km away from Palangkaranya, Central of Borneo, where my mom and my little brother now live. It was really hard to realize that I don’t won't even get the chance to meet with my dad again. It feels so heavy that I have bigger responsibilities to take care of my mom and my brother. That’s why I need to be strong. Sometimes I didn’t even have a lot of time for myself or to reach my dreams. Every day I am working on campus, organizations, works and assignments. I feel really bad when I can't answer my mom’s call when I have to complete assignments or when I say “Sorry mom, I can’t talk right now” when I have a meeting. I was thinking that I am rushing with the time and the city, where some people unconsciously turn to really be individualists.

I write this post in a rural place in Borneo Island, known as “Kandangan.” It was really hard to get an internet connection here on a PC. I even needed to go to a little town about 5 hours to get a signal on my phone. I stayed for 8 days in this place and it was really far from modernism, hedonism and individualism. We have no phone or television and the electricity is very limited.

There are only 25 little families who live here and they always make sure that each family gets food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children have 4 days a week to study in a very small and simple classroom with volunteers. They have 6 days a week to study during the holiday season because there are many students from the city who happily work as their teachers, including myself. The boys and their fathers will spend about 2 days fishing on “Sungai Barito” while the girls and their mothers will always be busy to taking care of the home and children, cooking, and trade. But in the middle of all the activities, they have one lovely thing to do. They always have a special time to have dinner together in the riverside of Sungai Barito 3 to 4 times a week with their family. The men will happily share their experiences fishing with their children and wives. The women do the same thing until late at night.

They are really busy with their work and there is no communication technology provided for them. But I love their way they take care and help each other even if there are limitations. I really feel the warmth of love in here. I feel guilty because I often reject my mom’s call or my brother’s call on skype. This little village has taught me something, that I have no reasons to forget about my family even if I am in a rush. I should really be grateful for everything that I have right now because I have technology which helps me do many kinds of work such as contact my mom and brother. I just don’t want to make my dreams get in the way and have it turn out to hinder my relations with my family. I hope every busy person out there will happily greet and call their families. So, make sure you have called your dad, your mom or your relatives today.

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