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The other day I felt deeply moved after coming across a cute little girl while on my way back home. That individual made me realize how for granted we take certain things in life which for other make a critical difference at times. They say children daydream all the day but there are amongst them whose eyes are bedazzled by the blare of ruthless realities around at an early age, rendering them unable to dream; perhaps for life. And this one harsh reality I truly took in that evening.

I was on a bus stop, waiting for the local bus, when my eyes caught sight of her standing besides her mother. She, too, was waiting for the bus. There wasn’t any hustle and bustle on the stop on that day as it was a transportation strike. After much wait, a bus appeared to slowly crawl towards the stop. I made haste and got on to it but to no avail, as the driver got off for a drink break. Perspired from head to foot, I started looking at the activities around. A child was sound asleep in her mother’s lap. The innocence and peace on his face made me momentarily forget my own frustration. Another lady was excitedly sharing her shopping story with another while showing her bargain purchase.

Suddenly another bus unhurriedly approached the stop. Some remaining commuters rushed towards it, exciting a little activity in my bus too. Some simply changed their vehicles. I noticed that little being abruptly starting to implore to her mother for something, fiercely tugging at her clothes. Her mumbling swiftly turned into noise, her mother began to pull her by arm, quite strongly. At last the girl lost her temper and started crying loudly, “Mother, it’s only the five rupees difference. Don’t drag me to that bus. I don’t want to travel by it, Please!”. But the mother didn’t listen to her and continued to drag her, landing into other vehicle finally.

I was shattered. Actually the bus by which I was traveling was a bit costly but much better in environment than the other one. The mother was compelled to get on to my bus when no other vehicle was in sight. But as soon as the cheap-fare vehicle arrived, she decided to move to it. The girl’s dreams were not as crucial for the family’s living as a five rupee saving on one day.

My bus began to move. I looked at that girl from the window. Her eyes were down and red; face solemn. Perhaps she was quietly trying to understand the difference the poverty was had made to her life and dreams. She is destined to travel by OTHER bus simply because she did not have the money.

This once again makes me think how careless we become about money in our hands quite often, never realizing how important it could be to someone else’s life and dreams. Life is small and joys rare. Let not both be blighted! Let no eye weep and no heart ache! Let’s start helping others and thinking humanely, for and about others! Let’s start sharing out bright and beautiful smiles!

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