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For the first time in the history of the SA AIDS conference, we will be running a division of the conference for the youth, run by the youth and presented by the youth on June 18th at the ICC Durban in South Africa.

Our goal is Getting to Zero - ‘zero new HIV and TB infections, zero discrimination & stigma and zero AIDS related deaths’. And we want you to join your voices and show us how you think we can all make a difference.

We will be covering ... everything you want to: young people, it is your day and we want to give you the floor, everything you could not say to your parents, your peers, your lovers and the world. We want reasons to change, methods to change and solid informative platforms on which we can spread your message.

All youth who register can apply to contribute to the conference which is awesome. You can vlog, blog, take part to the forums or watch the live streaming on June 18th. You are also welcome to give us ideas and suggestions for the conference, what you want to discuss, etc.

More info:

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