Sanitation and Humanity

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Water and sanitation are simply the care of water systems, be it water systems in homes or river systems. Zambia is a country rich in terms of water systems, but unfortunately Zambia has had cases of poor water sanitation. This article will also discuss the causes, effects and solutions of poor water sanitation.

Poor water sanitation is brought about mainly by illiteracy and rural-urban migration.

In Zambia, there are high levels of illiteracy. Most people tend to throw waste products like plastics into the drainage systems hence most drainages and sewer lines tend to overflow which makes the environment less pleasing, and there is an increase in water puddles thus causing the increase in waterborne diseases.

Rural urban migration is also a reason for poor sanitation. People in rural areas migrate to urban areas in search for better lives and employment. Unfortunately some cannot afford the life in the city and end up vandalizing sanitary equipment like pipes for example, selling them to make a living.

However, many of the causes of poor water sanitation can be addressed.

One way is by sensitizing schools around poor sanitary areas. This can help because children don’t easily forget critical information and also they have the courage to easily approach adults and tell them the things they learnt. Another way is by repairing damaged sanitary equipment like pipes and sewer lines. By doing this, we can reduce outbreaks of diseases due to poor water sanitation.

At the end we will have healthy people in a healthy world.

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