Satao, the biggest elephant in Africa is dead

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Satao alive and dead.

Satao alive and dead.

Animal conservationists in Kenya are in tears. Kenya has again lost one of its treasures to poachers. Satao, is the name of the elephant whose carcass was found tusk less a few days after it was shot dead by poisoned arrows.

According to Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) Satao was shot dead by poisoned arrow on 30th May 2014. ‘The arrow had entered his left flank and he stood no chance of survival. We spotted his carcass on 2nd June but to avoid any potential false alarms, we first took pains to verify the carcass really was his. Today it is with enormous regret that we confirm there is no doubt that Satao is dead, killed by an ivory poacher’s poisoned arrow to feed the seemingly insatiable demand for ivory in far off countries. A great life lost so that someone far away can have a trinket on their mantelpiece.’ read a face book post by KWS

Satao was a bull elephant and said to have the longest tusks in Africa that were easily identifiable from the air. Until his death, Satao was only 45 years.

Last year Kenya lost 302 elephants to poachers and if this trend continues our children will never get a chance to see an elephant alive. They will only read about them in stories or see them in movies and documentaries.

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