Save Food, Save Lives

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It is typically Malaysian to eat half a bowl of rice and throw the other half into the bin. It seems like it has never crossed anyone's mind that half way across the globe, people are starving to death.

Malnutrition is slowly killing them all, not to mention the many other diseases that take their lives. This poverty deeply affects the younger generation, the future leaders. How are they to make this world a better and more sustainable world if they themselves are in starvation?

The next time you have leftovers in your fridge, take them to the streets. Feed that beggar by the sidewalk. Or that little child running around with an empty stomach. Help in a soup kitchen. Donate to the food bank. All these little things you do will cause a great impact on the world.

So, think before you throw the leftovers of last night's turkey into the bin.

Thank you!

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