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ARAFAT, AYMAN, BASSEM, HABIB, HAMZA, IBRAHIM, JAMIL, KHALED, KHALIL, MIRIAM, MUSTAFA, NABIL, SAHAR, SAMAL, SAMIR, SULEIMAN, SUSAN, WALID and YASMIN comprise a microscopic section of the list of millions of children who have lost their lives in conflict zones.

From Gaza, Iraq and Syria in Western Asia; to Central African Republic, Sudan and Nigeria in Africa; and Ukraine in Eastern Europe, children have been bombed, beheaded, fired at and slaughtered mercilessly like sheep for no tangible reason. Perhaps being born in these countries has now become a crime. With every passing breath, the death toll keeps rising and this includes unborn babies in the womb. MAY THEIR SOULS REST IN PERFECT PEACE!!

Our entire world is drenched in the blood of innocent children and one day it will submerge us all. The souls of these innocent children will cry out so loud that it’ll literally burst our ear drums. Do you know how the incessant cry of a baby annoyingly keeps the mum awake all night? The screams of these innocent souls will be similar to that but this time around much worse. It won’t just deprive us of our beauty sleep; it will fill our hearts with unfathomable agony for the untold suffering and injustice we meted out on these beautiful young ones.

Just like the pains of a mother at child birth, there are no precise words to describe the pain of losing a child. The intensity of this pain is raised to a whole new level when a child dies as a result of man-made disasters that are avertible; irrational and fiendish actions by a person or group of persons whose hearts are guided by a deep seated desire for revenge, pure hatred, extremist ideologies, stories of the past and even plain amusement. Ironically, the same people who directly or indirectly cause the killing of children have their own kids whom they protect with the last drop of their own blood. If only they could regard the children of others the same way they love their own kids, or cherish all children the same way they value their guns and bombs, I believe they would reconsider most of their deadly actions. LORD, HAVE MERCY.

Where is the love? Why can’t we stop all these wars for the sake of children? If we must fight wars why don’t we fix dates and plan battlefields the same way we schedule fixtures and venues for football matches? That way we let soldiers who are trained and equipped for combat fight their battles while innocent civilians stay at home safe from the hazards of a battleground.

One day, places like Gaza, Iraq will wake up and realise that they no longer have a future because they have succeeded in tapping out their most valuable resource by causing the death of so many children and dashing the hopes of the few who manage to survive the war.

Dear Lord, please help us protect our children. We can only do so much to protect them because somehow they always constitute a huge percentage of the casualties of war.

I can feel the pain and sorrow caused by war. I hate war and I truly hope that the future will be a time without war and its sorrow. Eve Merriam dreamt of giving birth to a child who would ask, “Mother, what was war?” I have such dreams every night and pray fervently that the next generation of children will not live to fight or experience deadly wars.

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