Series of Hunger VS TV series in Ramadan

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An advertisement about hunger and poverty in a poor place for people to live.

An advertisement about hunger and poverty in a poor place for people to live.

Food is the dream of of some people and it's the least available thing for them. Some people wish for a meal a day consisting half a loaf of bread and cheese, it can be their definition of luxury.

In Egypt, in Ramadan 2014, there's a series of advertisements called ''Mosalsal El Goaa'' (Series of Hunger). There's one of those advertisements about aman who searches the "trash" for food to feed his kids (pic.1). And another about 2 brother having turns to eat, each one eats in a day and the other waits for his day. So one of them volunteers for the other to take his turn while he ties his a rock around stomach to bear the hunger.

Meanwhile, a TV series about a historical character (pic.2), including historical mistakes and it's completely useless, costed 140 million LE (almost $20,000,000), an actress earned $2,000,000 for this. And another costed 80 million LE. 220 million LE can end the hunger of millions, improve the health care, education, offer better jobs and better chances for living.

Another TV show about scaring celebrities to make them believe that they will drown on their way back from an interview on a yacht and be eaten by sharks. And the celebrity takes 50,000 LE for this. A person's wish is to have 300 LE to make a successful surgery, so he can survive.

However, what really surprises you that these channels that air these advertisements are those that buy these shows.

Ironic, isn't it? A person dreams of a shelter and a meal a day and another who earns millions for acting.

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