Shame to Humanity


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Children of Gaza strip must be asking their mothers,'Who are trying to kill us? Palestine? Israel? Egypt?' but simply the answer is 'Humans killing humans'. For just a stupid political reason, around 1800 people are already dead and more than 9500 are wounded. Israel is killing Palestinians but why don't they see that they are 'humans' more than just a 'Palestinian'.

Why is Israel continuing its assault even after they know that innocent people are being killed? Just because Israel have problems with 'Hamas', the ruling body of Gaza strip, they don't need to kill the people who are being ruled under them. Its such a disgrace to mankind.

What is United Nations, the peace keeping force, doing? Israel is bombing and destroying mosques, schools, universities with innocent people and UN is simply watching the show. Just trying to hold a discussion is barely enough to stop the war.

Why the country with a President who is a Nobel peace prize winner, United States, not taking any big step? What are all others country doing? Why aren't we taking any significant step to stop that dirty game of killing?

While these questions remain unanswered, the death toll in Gaza strip is increasing day after day. Innocent children, women and all other people are being killed ruthlessly. How can we explain this condition in Gaza Strip? Its really a 'Shame to Humanity'.

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